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Basking in my new found passion, in Digitizing Community Health:

As a new entrant in the rapidly evolving digital health space, it has been such a revelation for me to see real-life uses of the combination of healthcare and technology to improve the well-being of individuals...

Project Management

The Trouble With Agile Methodology

That the words agile, lean and scrum are by-words in the tech space is a cliché of epic proportions and yet, confusion abounds. Nonetheless, there’s no knocking the expediency of agile methodologies. The ...


Why it is important to share data when you chose to digitise a system.

Digitising the health system is a task we have taken on particularly in recent years as a nation and it has been incredible to see the tremendous improvement in communication within the different levels of the ...

Webstory - KDM

Leveraging HCD For Low Skills Users’ Acceptance Of Technology Products.

VHT Bonheur (second right) shares with the Guild team, supervisors and fellow VHTs, his experiences with the VHT app during the pilot phase of the rCHMIS solution. The efforts of Human-centred Design (HCD) a...


Design Simplicity as A Competitive Advantage

The concept of design continues to stimulate customer experiential value and redefine consumer satisfaction. Customers, unlike in the past, have become an important part of product and service development that ...


Adjusting work flows to suit the customer.

Developers and Product Managers all over the world have experimented with a lot tools to ensure that the old analogy the ‘Customer is King’ is satisfied. Developing software using the agile methodology can be b...