We have curated some of the most frequently asked questions about our work. We hope that through these, you will understand more about our truly exciting work, and the approach we have taken to sustaining our unique business model.

What is rCHMIS? – rCHMIS stands for Refugee Community Health Management Information System. It is a care coordination android app used by volunteer refugee community health workers to provide doorstep healthcare in refugee settlements. Currently, about 1600 VHTs are using the application in these settlements.

In what countries is rCHMIS available? – The rCHMIS app is currently operational in the refugee settlements in Uganda

What are the technical requirements for using rCHMIS? – The rCHMIS app is only compatible with Android phones that have Android 11 (or a newer version) installed.

What does rCHMIS cost? – rCHMIS is an open source solution built on top of the Community HealthToolkit a platform developed by Medic. As a nonprofit, Guild Digital does not need to charge a profit.

Who is using rCHMIS right now? – The rCHMIS app is currently operational in 9 of the 13 settlements with the rest of 5 picking up on the application. It is used by Village Health Teams (VHTs) who are volunteer community health workers.

How can I get a demo of rCHMIS? – You can visit our YouTube page (Guild Digital Foundation)

Where is my data hosted? – The rCHMIS app is built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for both the CHT technology and data storage. All data is currently hosted in data centers in the United States.

Is my data backed up? – Yes. rCHMIS prioritizes offline functionality. You can collect information and continue working even without an internet connection. The app will synchronize the collected data with the central server whenever an internet connection becomes available.

How do I get access to the CHT software to do my own software development? – The CHT software is maintained in a publicly available repository on GitHub.

Who owns rCHMIS? – The rCHMIS is built on an open source platform, CHT, developed by Medic software which means that the rights of ownership are generally available to everybody, and every organization, in the world. The source code of the rCHMIS is published on GitHub.

Who funds rCHMIS? – The start-up phase of the rCHMIS platform has been supported by philanthropic donors, ODESS, Health Tech Hub.

Do donors, NGOs, companies and/or governments have access to our data without our permission? – Absolutely not. We prioritize the privacy and security of your data. Donors, NGOs, companies, and governments cannot access your organization’s data without your explicit consent. All data collected through rCHMIS is encrypted and stored on secure servers.

What level of support is provided? – Technical support is currently available Monday-Friday 15 hours a day, thanks to our current team based in the Americas, Europe, and Africa. We also run 24/7 monitoring and alerts systems that notify our team in case of any major incidents or system outages that occur outside of our covered hours.

How do I learn to use the rCHMIS app? – We offer video tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions on navigating the app and completing tasks relevant to VHTs, such as providing care and collecting data.

Can I practice using the app before working in the field? – Absolutely! We provide a training version of the rCHMIS app that mimics the real application. This allows you to practice using the app in a familiar environment without affecting real data.

Does the training app store data on the server? – No, data collected within the training app is not stored on the server. This ensures a safe space for you to practice and experiment with the app’s functionalities.

What level of operational and technical commitment is needed to adopt rCHMIS? – We strive to make rCHMIS adoption as smooth as possible. Here’s a breakdown of the operational and technical commitment involved:

Operational Commitment

  • User Training: Leveraging our video tutorials and training app, your VHTs can become familiar with rCHMIS functionalities.
  • Workflow Integration: Consider any adjustments needed to integrate rCHMIS data collection into your existing workflows.

Technical Commitment

  • Device Compatibility: Ensure your VHTs have Android devices (OS version 11 or later) to run the app.
  • Internet Connectivity: While rCHMIS works offline, internet access is required for periodic data synchronization and software updates.
  • IT Support: Basic IT support might be needed to address any device or user-related issues with the app.

What other features are planned for rCHMIS? – We prioritized building strong partnerships throughout the design and development of rCHMIS. This ensures the app directly addresses the needs of our users and aligns with best practices. We actively partnered with the UNHCR and settlement program managers who manage various health programs within the settlements.

Following this collaborative spirit, any new features will be developed under the guidance of our key stakeholders. This guarantees the app remains relevant and addresses evolving needs.

What happens in cases of internet and/or power outages? – The beauty of rCHMIS is that it prioritizes offline functionality! This means that even without an internet connection, you can collect data and perform all necessary tasks within the app. All the information you collect offline is stored securely on your device. When you regain internet access, the app will automatically synchronize the collected data with the central server. This ensures all your work is uploaded and accounted for.

Similar to internet outages, rCHMIS works as long as your device has battery power. Any data you enter will be saved locally on the device until you can log back in and sync it with the server..

Does rCHMIS operate with any chatbots? – No, rCHMIS doesn’t operate any chatbots

Does rCHMIS provide case management capabilities? – rCHMIS empowers VHTs with comprehensive case management functionalities. It centralizes all information about a refugee, including: household details, health history, incident reporting, referral management and case summaries.

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