Experience The rCHMIS

The rCHMIS system is meticulously designed with the end users, the Village Health Teams (VHTs), and their supervisors in mind. The application’s workflows are built to be integrated, enhancing the efficacy of the VHTs as they deliver crucial healthcare services within their communities. By streamlining processes and ensuring seamless data capture and reporting, the rCHMIS system empowers VHTs to provide more efficient and effective care. This user-centric approach ensures that the technology serves the real needs of the health workers, ultimately leading to better health outcomes in the communities they serve.

Collaboration with UNHCR and settlement partners was crucial in developing the rCHMIS system to address the unique challenges faced in refugee settings. By creating specific use cases and personas, the system is tailored to the distinct needs of these communities. This collaborative effort ensures that the rCHMIS system is not only functional but also relevant and practical for VHTs working in some of the most challenging environments. The integration of these unique aspects into the application underscores Guild Digital’s commitment to supporting health work with free and open-source technology, enabling partners to deliver care in the hardest-to-reach communities.

How It Works.

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VHT Account

User name: vht

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User name: ropio

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