Welcome to Guild Digital

Recognizing the plight of refugees in Uganda, we aim to address the challenges refugees face, particularly in accessing healthcare and other essential services. With Uganda hosting more than 1.5 million refugees, a significant portion encounters difficulties accessing health care alongside other social justice needs. Refugees, among the most vulnerable, often navigate disjointed healthcare systems, exacerbating their hardships.

Through collaboration with development and implementation partners, Guild Digital Foundation has developed a digital solution tailored to the unique circumstances of refugees. Currently operational in five settlements, our app empowers volunteer Community Health Workers (CHWs) to report crucial healthcare data directly from more than 16000 refugee households. By leveraging a digital public good, we have streamlined care coordination, data collection and reporting, and bridged the gap in healthcare delivery, ensuring that more than 200,000 refugees have received the attention they deserve.

We are a non-profit tech organization providing Refugee & displaced communities  development actors with  efficient adaptations of digital public goods for their social development missions.

Our Mission

Looking ahead, we hope to scale this solution across all 13 settlements in Uganda by 2026. This expansion will not only improve healthcare access but also enhance overall support for refugees and displaced communities. Through collaboration with development and implementation partners in the refugee space, we endeavor to realize our mission of fostering positive change and improving livelihoods within refugee communities.