Our Approach

Our Work

Guild Digital’s work underscores the critical need for robust and resilient health systems that reach the most hard-to-reach communities. Inspired by the challenges faced by Community Health Workers (CHWs), we have partnered with the Ministry of Health Uganda and various international humanitarian agencies to enhance and expand digital health solutions through the Community Health Toolkit (CHT).


Our collaboration has significantly advanced the digitization of health services in Uganda, particularly within refugee and host communities. By deploying the Community Health Management Information Systems (CHMIS) and Community Health Information Systems (CHIS), we have empowered Village Health Teams (VHTs) to provide doorstep primary health care (PHC) and integrated community health services.



Since the launch of our initiatives, VHTs have conducted over hundreds of thousands of home visits, treating and screening countless cases of pneumonia, malaria, diarrhea, and malnutrition. Our efforts have not only transformed access to care but also ensured sustainable digital health solutions are owned and maintained by local communities.