Our Theory of Change

The potential of data remains largely untapped in many low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), while it has been transformative in high-income nations. To address this disparity, there is a crucial need to enhance the data analysis skills of health system decision-makers in LMICs, enabling more informed decisions on resource allocation, budgeting, and performance management. Simultaneously, the establishment of robust and equitable data governance structures is imperative to mitigate risks and safeguard clients. 

Many digital solutions in the marketplace appear inadequate because they are based on new innovative ideas but not always on the local context and needs of potential users. Partners must be involved in the design and decision-making process about the technology that can best serve their mission. As innovators and technologists continue to work in siloed bubbles, this limits the ability for partners and governments to truly appreciate and adopt these technologies. 

3 Big Ideas

#1 – We enhance data use, leverage big data from our programs and advocate for responsible and ethical data governance to fully realize the potential of data to strengthen health systems, improve decision-making and ultimately save lives.

#2 – We support partners to develop internal policies, systems, skills and leadership required to facilitate and accelerate the sustained adoption of digital interventions at scale.

#3 – Our approach places equal emphasis on systems and technology. We work with partners to develop tailored solutions for each context, based on local needs. Through this work, we are building technology that can scale and bring missions closer to their desired outcomes.

The People We Serve

  1. Social and livelihoods implementing organizations working with displaced communities. 
  2. Relief Agencies working in humanitarian displacement in Africa
  3. National governments hosting refugees and displaced persons
  4. Volunteers, refugees and host communities living in displaced communities.

We work with development partners to develop tailored solutions for each refugee & displaced community context by building, deploying and maintaining technology that can scale their interventions and bring their missions closer to their desired outcomes.

Guild Digital Foundation

We hope you are inspired by our mission; as we are. Email hello@guilddigital.co to learn more.