Empowering VHTs

Insights on the rCHMIS Tool (VHT Tool)  Feedback

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of joining a Guild Digital  support and supervision trip to Kyaka II and Kyangwali refugee settlements in Uganda. Witnessing the impact of our work firsthand was truly inspiring. 

Village Health Teams (VHTs) are the cornerstone of healthcare in these settlements, playing an important role in delivering doorstep healthcare in these hard to reach locations. These dedicated volunteers are very integral in helping their fellow refugees access health services which contributes greatly to rebuilding their lives.

The VHT Tool: A Game Changer

Prior to 2022, VHTs relied on paper records. This manual system proved cumbersome; not only burdening the VHTs with heavy logbooks, hindering mobility but also hindered data analysis. Timely decision-making for improved healthcare programs proved challenging for healthcare managers at all levels.

This is where Guild Digital stepped in. In collaboration with UNHCR and other partners, we developed a game-changing solution: The rCHMIS App, a digital tool specifically designed to meet the needs of the VHTs in the refugee settlements. Streamlining workflows and task reminders have freed up the VHTs time enabling them to focus on what matters most; delivering healthcare to the fellow refugees in their areas more efficiently. 

Key Insights

The VHT application has enhanced data collection and reporting. Settlement partners can effectively track health indicators, identify outbreaks and make data-driven decisions